Yuliya Savytska YS Paradise Bees Earrings Collection

Yuliya Savytska YS Paradise Bees Earrings Collection is a successor to the popular Yuliya Savytska YS Paradise Bees Brooch Collection for connoisseurs of the art of sophisticated handicraft and Haute Couture Embroidery, which will be produced as made-to-order by designer and artist personally.

The Paradise Bees pendants are hand embroideres with 24k Gold plated beads, 925 Sterling Silver beads, Swarovski Crystal Stones, Swarovski Pearls and Swarovski bicones. Luxury processing of the pendants’ edges with 925 Sterling Silver plated and 24k gold plated beads (very accurate trimming were all layers will be sewn together and not just glued). The earrings are finished with handmade tassels and with handwoven cups of Swarovski Pearls, Swarovski bicones and 24k gold plated beads.

Yuliya Savytska YS Paradise Bees Earrings are suitable for gala evenings as well as for casual chic styles, like for example with jeans, white shirt and high heels.

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