Yuliya Savytska YS First Jewelry Collections Exhibition in the Art Gallery, Quartier 206, Berlin

On 21.03.2019 the first exhibition and presentation of Yuliya Savytska YS jewelry collections took place in the art gallery in Quartier 206 in Berlin. The exclusive Paradise Bees and Imperial Bows brooch collections, as well as two elements from the future Christmas collection, on which the designer is currently working, were presented to numerous guests during the Charity Event. The masterpieces in the art form of beadwork are now available at the art gallery for purchasing. The collections are made of precious materials, such as Swarovski crystals, 24K plated beads, 925 sterling silver plated beads and palladium plated beads. Moreover the jewelry pieces are designed, developed and hand-made by designer Yuliya Savytska personally, thus the masterpieces are unique worldwide.

Designer Yuliya Savytska with Model and Moderator Romy Stangl und Art Gallery Owner Rusudan Makowski during the Charity Event, where Yuliya Savytska YS Jewelry Collections were exhibited – 21.03.2019 Quartier 206, Berlin.

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