Yuliya Savytska YS Exhibition, Bankhaus August Lenz, Hamburg, 23.01.20

On January 23, 2020, Bankhaus August Lenz laid out the red carpet for its guests on the occasion of the New Year’s reception. As part of the New Year’s reception, designer and artist Yuliya Savytska presented her artworks in the category Jewelry & Accessories. The first Yuliya Savytska YS Haute Couture evening bags “Flying Crane” and “Flying Scarab” were presented for the first time during the presentation. The haute couture evening bags with dimensional jewelery embroidery were made entirely by hand. Not a single machine stitch! Using numerous different techniques, starting with the covering of the silk-viscose velvet over the embroidery frame, the transfer of the drawing to the fabric, dimensional hand embroidery with Swarovski crystals, French and Italian sequins, sead beads, ostrich feathers and other materials, and finishing with tailoring and sewing of all elements also by hand. Every element has been carefully considered, there is even a credit card pocket in the small, spacious evening bags. A real work of art!
Yuliya Savytska YS Haute Couture Evening Bag “Flying Crane”
Yuliya Savytska YS Haute Couture Evening Bag “Flying Scarab”
Haute Couture Designer and Artist Yuliya Savytska

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