The artist and Couture designer Yuliya Savytska makes her artworks in the Accessories category personally by hand creating unique single pieces, thereby actively supporting the movement of sustainable fashion.
Thus Artist and Couture designer Yuliya Savytska is pleased to introduce her next Haute Couture evening bag “Miracle Lobster Blue”, which is the successor to the Haute Couture evening bag “Miracle Lobster”. The evening bag was made by using dimensional jewellery hand embroidery techniques. A masterpiece that takes a lot of time and effort. It took about three months to create this artwork entirely by hand. Not a single machine stitch!
The following materials for this project were used: Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls, Japanese 24k gold plated beads, French and Italian sequins, French and Italian velvet, Chinese rondelles, a clasp and a shoulder chain. In this bag model, the artist integrated dimensional flower applications in trendy neon colors on French velvet in the classic color Bordeaux.
The beauty of this work cannot be conveyed with any picture or video. All of the artworks look much more beautiful live.
If you are looking for a magical and fairy tale world, then you are at the right place by artist and Couture designer Yuliya Savytska!


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