Yuliya Savytska YS Christmas Brooch Collection

Yuliya Savytska YS Christmas Brooches Collection is on www.yuliyasavytska.com available! 🎠⛄❄❤
These are Rocking Horse, Nutcracker, Teddy Bear “I heart you!”, Bunny “Lucky”, Christmas Tree, The North Star. All are handmade and hand embroidered with Swarovski crystals, 24K Gold plated beads, Sterling silver plated beads and other precious materials. The materials for the artworks are collected from all over the world, as they are hard go get. These are artworks – single unique pieces!

“That is how I see Christmas. It is all about a fairy tale and magic.
My jewellry collections are made for connoisseurs of the art of sophisticated handicraft and will be produced as single art pieces or made-to-order.” – Yuliya Savytska

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