Couture designer and artist Yuliya Savytska is a phenomenon and a true all-rounder. She has two university degrees at Hamburg University (Magistra Artium) and Yuriy Fedkodkovych Chirnivtsi National University (BA, MA) as well as numerous additional qualifications including tailoring, costume and design drawing, and creates all her artworks personally, also she speaks four languages. As an insider and regular guest of the Paris Fashion Week, she is well-informed about the latest trends.

Already in her childhood, the designer sketched remarkably well from the point of view of her teachers and dreamed of being able to practice a creative profession like a fashion designer. As a teenager, she already designed her own clothes and made them by herself. She has continued to support and develop her designer skills and activities privately. After years of work as a language teacher and a business administrator, she has not given up on her dream. After many years, a turning point had been reached, and she made the decision to pursue her vocation and finally realize the long-awaited dream. Her linguistics and business administration qualifications are also useful and effective for her designer profession, because both of these skills are required to lead her own business model on an international level. That's how her own brand started.

Couture products of the Yuliya Savytska (YS) brand in the field of jewellery and accessories are handmade with great dedication by the designer herself in the art of jewellery embroidery, dimensional bead embroidery, bead weaving, tailoring and other advanced techniques using high quality materials from the leading manufacturers in the world. Quality and sustainability is an integral part of the brand. The limited collections are hand created in a single copy and do not repeat in design, thus beloved by the art collectors and connoisseurs of the art of Haute Couture and sophisticated handicraft. Some products are offered on individual order. The Yuliya Savytska (YS) Couture artworks are timeless, will be inherited from generation to generation and are chosen for special occasions.

Choose your favourite unique product and contact the Couture designer and artist Yuliya Savytska for an appointment to bring it to you in Hamburg and Paris.

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Yuliya Savytska (YS) Brand is a registered German Trademark made in Germany and Europe.